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Our services

All the services provided to the small and medium enterprises of Tver Region are free of charge!

Consulting services:

  • Legal advice on foreign economic activity.
  • Tax advice, including on export VAT refunds.
  • Advice on logistics: customs clearance, delivery, cargo insurance.
  • Advice on certification issues.
  • Export contract formulation and/or review.
  • Advice on requirements for the development of the website in a foreign language.
  • Formulation and translations of presentations materials in digital form, including adapting and translation of goods’ packaging.

Information services:

  • Advice on current supporting measures for foreign economic activity (of The Russian Export Center, Export Support Center of Tver Region as well as regional measures).
  • Organizing and conducting seminars, panel discussions and other events regarding the relevant questions on foreign economic activity.
  • Conducting export seminars under the agreement with Export School of the Russian Export Center.

Organizational services:

    Organizing and conducting business meetings and negotiations (hosting delegations of foreign entrepreneurs).
  • Organizing business missions for the representatives of the export-oriented enterprises of Tver region to the foreign countries.
  • Organizing participation of the small and medium-sized business entities of Tver region in the exhibition and convention events abroad and across the Russian Federation (collective and individual booths).
  • Assistance in standardization, certification and providing licences for goods and services.
  • Assistance in publication of goods and services of the small and medium-sized business entities of Tver region on multinational e-commerce marketplaces.
  • International partner search.
  • Search of suppliers upon request of a foreign customer.

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